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About D34

About D34

About D34

District 34: How it all began: 

In 2002, a group of teachers employed by the University of Toronto Schools chose OSSTF/FEESO as their union. This group of educators was the first of four employed by private enterprises not aligned with a district school board to join.  The UTS members would come to be known within the Federation as District 34-Independent Educational Programs; as OSSTF/FEESO D34, the UTS Bargaining Unit would later welcome other members from Bargaining Units representing educators working in private educational settings in the Toronto area. Learn more at:  UTS-University of Toronto Schools


 In 2008, OSSTF/FEESO welcomed the Royal Conservatory of Music Faculty Association. Founded in 1886, the RCM is a non-profit music education institution and performance venue that is one of the largest and most respected music and arts education institutions in the world. Its Bargaining Unit of approximately 190 members joined our union in 2008 Learn more at: RCS - Royal Conservatory School


Then, the Independent Educational Programs of District 34  welcomed the addition of staff from two private schools as part of our Federation. The Global Village-The Language Workshop now known as Centre of English Studies-Toronto.  Learn more at: CES English as a Second Language.

Finally, The International Language Schools of Canada is the last group of members to  become part [of] District 34 as OSSTF/FEESO members. This Bargaining Unit has a seniority list of 60 members but also represents as many as 80 staff during their peak season in the summer months.  Learn more at: ESL International Language Schools of Canada