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2015 - LDP

2015 - LDP

Paying Due Respect on Labour Day 2015

Thousands of union members (and friends) turned out for Monday’s Labour Day Parade to celebrate the strength and solidarity of workers.

Participants started at University Ave. and Queen St. and marched to the CNE grounds with bands, labour flags and megaphones.

It was an important day to celebrate the gains workers have made, such as maternity leave, sick days, weekends and other important benefits.

However, it is important to remember that many are losing some of those gains, and we have to fight to keep them.

Labour Day in Toronto dates back to 1872 when local printers went on strike to have their working week shortened to 58 hours. Other workers supported the strike and many were arrested and thrown in jail.

Eventually, Prime Minister John A. Macdonald’s government decriminalized union activities with the Trade Union Act.

“This is an important day for the labour movement,” said Toronto Mayor John Tory, “and I’m here to show respect for the role they played in creating this great city.”.

 OSSTF Treasurer Earl Burt (L) and District 34-ILSC President Mark Dallas (R) turned up to join thousands in the march.  
 OSSTF Treasurer Earl Burt (L) and D34-ILSC President Mark Dallas (R) taking part in the LDP 2015

 Members of D16

 More D16 members plus offspring  
 More D16 members plus offspring

 Thousands turned up for the march.  
 Thousands came out.