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UTS - University of Toronto Schools

UTS - University of Toronto Schools

The University of Toronto Schools (UTS) came into being in September 1910 as a “practice school” or “laboratory school” for the Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto. As such, it was  publicly funded, an arrangement that lasted until 1993, when the Ontario provincial government of the day discontinued this funding. Although UTS has continued a relationship with the University of Toronto, as formally renewed in 2015 with an affiliation agreement, since 2004 it has been an independent, not-for-profit school. UTS has a merit-based admissions process that now includes the SSAT, an additional examination, and a sequence of interviews with staff and alumni representation. Originally a boys' school, UTS began to admit girls in 1973, and maintains equal admission numbers of boys and girls.

Although rising tuition has been necessary (since 1993) for the school to function, a robust bursary program provides substantial support for students who need this assistance.


The teaching staff at UTS, previously represented by the Faculty Association at the University of Toronto, joined OSSTF District 34 in 2002 in order to protect their working rights. Approximately 60 teachers are in the Bargaining Unit.


UTS offers an enriched program for students from grades 7 to 12; most students enter at grade 7, but in recent years, a significant number of students have been admitted at grade 9, with a few students joining in upper years. Rich co-curricular opportunities abound at the school, prominently directed by student leaders with support from staff advisers.


As part of the affiliation agreement with the University of Toronto, UTS has been responsible for redeveloping the original location at 371 Bloor Street West. A $60 million building fund has made this possible. The staff and students moved to a temporary location in the Ossington and Queen during the lengthy time of demolition and construction. The new facilities are expected to open in November, 2021.